To hit the right spot, one needs to aim for it correctly.

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Listening to the customer, the ability to time the only true recommendation - mandatory conditions of productive cooperation.

Counseling, Analytics

Without cooperation, communication and relationships of any product is impaired. Without consultation, discussion and mutual understanding is impossible to create a valuable product. The analyst's task - the right conclusions and informed action.


СSince 2010, more than 60% of Indigital’s orders come by a recommendation. This had only become possible due to the openness of the company, availability of employees to answer any question the client accurately and clearly.

Got Questions?

Often, at the time of filling of the brief, the customer has a lot of questions. We undertake consultations on any digital solutions - and, of course, their implementation.

Any Nuance

Let's speak about everything related to online: — advertising; — PR; — SEO, SMM; — Marketing; — Design and so on.

8 Steps of Indigital

— We communicate, advise, working on TK and briefs; — Analyze; — Draw up a quotation and estimates; — Graphic design; — Implement the technical part; — Test; — Transferred to the customer; — Accompany and promote.

Basic maxims

Medium or large company without an Internet presence is destined, because the vast majority of customers find answers via search engines, and a huge flow of information passes through the social networks as well ...

Shall we articulate schoolbook dogmas? If there is such a need – yes, we shall!


Indigital gets all the necessary information by all means: — By reviewing the product, the business and the target market; — By consulting with experts of given particular area; — By examining the target audience; — By studying partners and competitors; — By identifying profitable investments.


Your business is unique. Solutions Indigital - too. Therefore, each time have to "start from scratch": analysis, analysis and again. Reliable partnership, a relationship of trust, long-term prospects – these are prerequisites for finding and setting the right objectives.


High productivity is only possible with the full understanding. Something we do not know? Do we have to explain something? Let's do everything necessary to implement the "win – win” principle.

Millions of people saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.
Bernard Baruch

When hands lack compass and head lacks understanding - speed plays no part. Any steps without analysis are way too risky. Amateur could go in the wrong direction. Professional could go in the wrong direction confidently.

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