Support and
Development of projects

The project without the support and development - a hopeless artifact of the past.

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"Rolls-Royce" must get proper maintenance. Custom product must get skilled programming, advertising, and information support.
Media environment does not know the word “stop”, so imperceptible quality project support must be also continuous- sounds like usual, yet curious task for InDigital!


Employees indigital.uaat any moment of cooperation with the customer will provide maximum assistance. Each project is unique - and this is only possible thanks to the flexibility of full disclosure to your wishes. To ensure this, just start the talks.


Project without the attention of specialists is degraded, it becomes irrelevant. To effectively support a comprehensive approach is desirable:
— The integration of the product in the company's infrastructure;
— Updated information on products / services, news sections;
— Adaptation to the needs of the target audience;
— Completion of the program;
— Audit and optimization;
— Hosting and more.


For more than 4 years our company develops projects; among our customers are restaurants, building corporations, the media, online shopping, and other.
Experience shows that any product has to be updated; therefore, every order takes into account the resources available for modernization.

There are a lot of stories about the pumped "Ford" cars. A bit less on tuning of a "BMW". Rarely - about the daredevils able to make a little better a "Bugatti".


We provide all the necessary information to the customer so that he’d:
— knew what did he pay money for;
— seen which promotion methods bring results.


We are doing everything necessary to ensure that work is done in the stated period of time and not only meet but to exceed expectations.

Each new project is a kind of injection of a virus. One must be sick with the idea of promotion and support he needs every day, every minute. Otherwise, the work turns into a chase of one’s own shadow.
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